About Conrad Direct

Innovation, Service, and Integrity Since 1982

From the beginning, Conrad Direct’s objective has been to provide innovative ideas and exceptional service to forward-looking direct marketers.

In the mailing list business, where Conrad got its start and is now a leader, good service means unearthing superior lists and guiding clients in their use:  how to test, how to expand and grow, when to use caution, when to roll out high volume.

It means watching out for the client’s bottom line, keeping costs down.

It means loyalty and respect for confidentiality, practicing the highest business ethics with clients and suppliers.

It means helping clients with complementary services –copy, design, merge-purge, print and mailing.

Conrad Direct has done all that while adapting to the changing, expanding world of direct response advertising.

The Conrad Direct Culture

Conrad’s staff embodies the corporate values of innovation, service, and integrity, and will always put the interests of clients ahead of short-term profits.

When Conrad Direct started in 1982, in the basement of a modest home in Englewood, NJ, there were over 500 other mailing list companies.  Now there are fewer than 50.  Conrad has flourished for more than three decades by being nimble, by finding new opportunities, by “thinking outside the box,” as the saying goes.

Innovating Into the Future

Today, Conrad Direct consults and brokers in email lists, social media, and other online channels. It has become a recognized expert in leveraging the power of large cooperative databases for direct mail clients. As new direct marketing spaces emerge, Conrad, the innovator, will be there.

Conrad Direct has survived on its merits for more than 40 years and intends to still be a leading figure at the top of the direct response world in 2082 - adhering to its core values of innovation, service, and integrity then as now.