Data & Analytics


Successful marketing is rooted in a comprehensive, evolving understanding of your customers and markets. Conrad knows lists and databases and we can help you choose the right data sources from our rich network of partners. No matter how unique or specialized your needs, we will help you find and target the right audience.

Today’s marketing and fundraising success depends on database modeling and no one does it better than Conrad. We offer four decades of experience to help you leverage transactional and compiled databases across industries and utilize cutting-edge modeling methodologies to find the right data for every campaign.

You can count on Conrad Direct’s data experts to:

  • Find your best prospect audiences
  • Optimize and enhance existing customer data through appends to provide actionable geographic, demographic, spending, social behavior and other insights
  • Analyze your customer data to improve your segmentation and reduce costs by knowing who not to include
  • Monetize your database through targeted, aggressive list rental
  • Maximize multi-channel success by applying direct mail insights across digital platforms
  • Make every decision with your goals in mind